Monday, February 14, 2011

no longer here.

hi there ... i'm no longer here ... sorry for the confusion ...
head on over to ...

for pictures of really cute babies.
and fun kids.
and fantastic families.
and probably many more things that i'm forgetting about!

see you there!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

cute baby alert ... sneak peek ...

i did warn you.
... cute baby alert ...

this, my friends, is baby bryson.
the sweet new little baby boy of two of our dear friends.
who graciously allowed me to photograph him.

it's a good thing that my husband is neutered now.
because this kinda makes me want another baby.

so if i can't have more little babies ...
i just want to be able to take pictures of them.

he made the sweetest. cutest. funniest. little faces.
though i couldn't get him to stop snuggling his cheeks into the blankies.
so. sweet.
congratulations to the whole family!
thank you so much for letting me meet your little man and capture this moment in your lives ...

Monday, August 23, 2010

sneak peek for the c family.

an official photo shoot. 
pinch me.
i'm actually doing this thing that i've dreamed of ... for so so long. 

it feels all-sorts of crazy and wonderful and perfect.

and so i really want to share it with you ... eventually ... i'm going to get a site that is a bit more official and less my-family-ish ... and more just photo shoots.  but still.  i want to share ... so until then ...

here it is.

edited to add ... NO REALLY ... here it is.  the more official and less familial photo blog. 

three of my favorites from their session ...

her parents warned me that she has entered that dreaded cheesy-smile stage
whenever she sees a camera aimed at her.

... i caught a few of those smiles ...
but then i also caught this natural, just-being-her smile that i loved.

and this boy.

he took a little while to warm up ... and we lost him a lot faster than we lost his sister ... but he is an absolute doll.  and was so much fun to watch playing around on the beach. 
he made me not scared of the whole boy thing!

... sister and brother ...

collective *aw*.

thank you c family for letting me capture this moment in your life.